Fresh Mode - The Vibe ft. FUEG / Columbia Germany

Following on from his last cut, Fresh Mode steps firmly back into the ring & presents his new single 'The Vibe' - signed to Columbia Records.

What’s left when time, money, generation & credentials don’t mean anything? When we can’t score with how we look, what we have, how often we upload & how many likes we generate? When there aren't any visible differences between people. Imagine a club, where everything's black & white: no colours, no stereotypes, no borders. There’s just this Vibe.

Following on strongly from its predecessor 'This Is How We Do It’, though with an edgier feel - Fresh Mode's latest cut has a clear goal: The atmosphere, the emotion & the effect of this track aims to be universal. There’s no guest list here & nobody needs a diploma in House music – everyone can vibe. To capture & distill this global vibration, Fresh Mode discards all additives & blends in a tailor-made dose of FUEG - who provides fitting lyrics with the perfect feeling:

Tonight we’re chasin’ those vibes, we’re just livin’ in the moment - we ain’t worried ‘bout time.

Hold tight.

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