Marshall Jefferson - Lock The Doors (Bob Sinclar / Dan K Mixes) / Freakin 909

Stepping into the ring, Freakin 909 drop their centenary release & return to where it all started - with two new exciting remixes of Marshall Jefferson's cut ‘Lock The Doors’.

First up, we have one of the kings of House music, Bob Sinclar. His music has been the soundtrack to thousands of dancefloor epiphanies, and inspired thousands more to become artists themselves. Each of his tracks has carved a moment in dance music history and taken a piece of our hearts. For his remix, Bob marries the heavy low end fury of tribal with the dreamy sweetness of trance to create the kind of show stopping tune that only a genius mind like Bob could imagine.

Then we have Dan K: Chicago native and House music impresario. Feeding on his rich musical history, Dan goes back to his roots with a deeply personal Chi Town groove featuring piano stabs, preacher lyrics and a silky smooth feel. Frankie would be proud.

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