Promo Push | On Promo: Chris Domingo ft. Miss T - Say

Out now on Nuevadeep records, Chris Domingo ft. Miss T - Say [NDP074].

In the words of Nuevadeep:

Chris Domingo has been a staple in our artist roster, and when he played us a clip of his new track "Say" featuring Miss T's superb vocals we knew that Nuevadeep had to do something special with it. In addition to running a remix contest over the summer(which will see the winning track as a proper release in the near future!) we also brought on Matan Caspi to deliver a storming interpretation for you.

The original has refined pop sensibilities fused with Chris' complete mastery of the deep house sound, which can find a home equally well on the dancefloor or in the car. The vocal work is excellent and needs a few listens to really appreciate the subtleties present over the whole length of the track. Also included are dub and acoustic mixes, which are fine compliments to the original. Chris is no stranger to deep dubby moods, and his dub is a fantastic twist expanding on the non-vox elements of the original. The acoustic mix works particularly well as a DJ tool for some neat mashup possibilities.

Finally, Matan delivers a techy punch to the mind with a fresh take on things. The percussion is kicked up a notch to give a boost in momentum, with lots of great stingers inserted for a novel listening experience. He walks the bassline more and pairs some brassy synth work with looping vocal treatment for what's sure to be our new favourite in the club.

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