Sam Goes To Tokyo / Another Rhythm

Dropping on promo, is Sam Goes To Tokyo's eclectic three track EP - 'Big Daddy & Co'.

Sam Goes To Tokyo is a British DJ and producer, with a love for old-school synthesisers and the lush sounds of acid, jazz and funk. However, his style is extremely diverse and it often features elements of soul, Italo disco and more.

The artist teamed up with Paradiso Records for the release of two EPs, but he also published a handful of other singles and tracks on his Soundcloud page. Sam is ready to start the new year with a bang, and he is currently working on new music, which will be released later in January and supported by a string of live shows through the year.

With 'We're All Units' set for release on 24th March, followed by the full EP on 14th February - stay tuned as promo gets underway.

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