On Promo: Tom Leclercq - Feel So Good (Preview)

Coming soon on Voyager Records, Tom Leclercq - Feel So Good (Preview).

"Tom Leclercq is one of Belgium's finest house DJs, with residencies at clubs like Zillion, Extreme and Versuz he always was and still is on top of his game.

He now brings that perfect groove to the dance floor; 'Feel so Good' is a combination of the musical styles he plays. A stylish 'sweepy' build-up that ends up in a perfectly tuned sweetspot -bass - groove.

Call it future house or just new style groove, you will feel that bass tickling your tummy!

The tune has a great room filling energy, so get your copy now, and bring that energy to a dance floor near you!"

Beatport : 17-11-2015
iTunes : 11-12-15

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