On Promo: The CoCreators - The Lift Off EP

Out now on Love Vibration Nation, The CoCreators - The Lift Off EP.

"The Lift Off EP is the much-anticipated debut for The CoCreators. The group, dedicated to spreading love through music doesn't disappoint with this four song EP which includes Look UP (2 mixes) Lift Them Up and Love IS. They have a style all their own. It’s a must have for those who love House Music. Funky Bass Lines, Major League Orchestral elements and breakdowns surrounded by Huge Thought Provoking atmospheres that tickle The Mind and the Soul keep the party going strong. All of these songs will appear on their forthcoming full length Album entitled LIFT THEM UP. "We simply did each song as the Universe instructed." Says The CoCreators "We are not trying to fit in any mold. We just want to spread Love through music. With us, It’s All Genres, All Music, All Love, All The Time. In this EP we used sounds that range from a backwards piano riff to full on orchestral strings. It’s all there. It’s all Love! Love Is The Answer!"

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