On Promo: SolSelectas SOL045 - 10 Years of SOL

Out now on SolSelectas, SOL045 - 10 Years of SOL.

"The musical journey of Sol Selectas has now reached its 10th trip around the sun. What started as limited edition white label vinyls with a simple rubber stamp, has evolved into an iconic brand and international music family, reaching dance floors and open hearts across the globe. with its consistently unique sonic selections.

This 21 song collection takes us along this path of development from the very 1st release "Sambafrica", all the way to 2016's chart topping tune "Syria". Lesser known B-sides and Remixes from the early years of Sol*Selectas remain timeless alongside the selection of modern classics in the making. You will hear Deep Tribal, Balearic, Playa Tech, Afro-House, Ethno-Techno, Global Mid-Tempo, and Indigenous Dance floor Dub.

From South America to the Middle East, from Africa to the Caribbean, from the Desert to the Jungle, and back to the Beach, '10 Years of SOL" will take you on around the planet with positive intention and our pure love of sharing the dance."

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