On Promo: Robert Nickson pres. RNX vs. Paul Mads - Whatever

Out now on Silk Music, Robert Nickson pres. RNX vs. Paul Mads - Whatever.

"Globally acclaimed trance & progressive veteran Robert Nickson has been a leader in our scene for well over a decade. It has been our great honor to work with Robert in recent years, as he continues to contribute deeper progressive sounds to our imprint, under his RNX guise.

His latest EP includes a wonderful collaboration with Paul Mads, "Whatever," which first appeared (in mixed form only) on Shingo Nakamura's "Only Silk 03" compilation. A chilled progressive house groove and after-hours soundscape, highlighted by a jazzy keyboard motif, establishes a soothing and sensual mood. In the main break, we're met with an infectious vocal sample, which helps carry the more uptempo latter half of the track.

The B-side, "Joshua Tree," sinks into even deeper territory, especially in the opening build of the arrangement. We're met with ominous pads and a recurring, hypnotic lead synth line, setting the stage for a sonic revelation in the main break. Joshua Tree's rugged beauty is well documented by casual travelers and spiritual seekers alike; Robert depicts the "awakening" one can experience while hiking there in the form of a breathtaking symphony of synth layers in the song's climax."

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