On Promo: Platunoff - Special Love (Original Mix)

Out now on Progressive House Worldwide, Platunoff - Special Love (Original Mix).

In the words of PHW, "Another superb package with a glimpse of different corners of progressive music is to set the release for this week. We feel honored to be able to bring back the Russian producer Platunoff to the PHW Elements roster once more. With his melodic production, named as “Special Love”, he again showcase his diverse style of production, that he spoilt us with over the years. This time he delivers a truly melodic and driving track, filled with a sweet hook that works throughout the production. It has that warm mood that we so often seek for.

On remix duty you are to get a massive package of different interpretations, as our good friend from Israel, Shai T takes another spot on the label. His work is as good as ever, and this time he spice things up with vocal additions, crisp percussion and a smooth rolling feel to bring on yet another superb work on PHW Elements.

Next up is another returning artist on the label, that we yet again feel very honored to push through our releases. Hailing from Holland, we are delighted to see the return of Tilburg based producer Difstate, a producer you have and will see a lot more of on our label. With his captivating productions, he once more delivers in style, with this fresh, melodic and forward thinking number. It’s great to see you back in family Stefan.

Moving ahead, we see another return, this time from one of those artists that we have tried to push a lot in the past, Poland based artist Andromedha. With his unique style, based on energy and melodic arrangements, he for sure delivers a massive production for us again, that includes all the ingredients for a sparkling track that will echo across the globe.

Frosun, the young talented producer from Lithuania is another producer that we try and push on both our imprints, and this time he takes a slightly deep twist on his production to meet us on PHW Elements. With a superb groove and deeper textures, he bring on a sparkling track that has such great potential. It’s crisp, underground and energetic, all in the same package.

Last out and closing the door this week, is a new addition on the label, as we see a debut coming from Poland based Division One. This is a producer that we had on our radar for a while, and we feel thrilled to present his first work on the label. He pulls of a great tweak here on the original ideas, and gives the track a great hypnotic feel.

We hope you find what you need in this package!"

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