On Promo: Partenaire - Close Bond (Original Mix)

Out now on PHW Elements, Partenaire - Close Bond (Original Mix).

"Last week we went off to Buenos Aires, Argentina to headline the release and this week we are staying put in the capitol to bring more successful artist to the PHW Elements roster as we see the return on the label from our good friend Axel Bray aka Partenaire.

With one original as well as a remix together with us in the past months we now see him back with another production, this one baptized as “Close Bond”. This one, giving us a whole to being proud of, as this has all the ingredients that we often seek at PHW Elements. With crisp percussion, tasty textures bringing on a plethora of sounds that give this track a subtle and dreamy atmosphere and then on top of that, a smooth melodic line that etches to your brain. This so well done and absolutely gorgeous to our ears.

We are also proud to welcome back UK’s very own Dan Watts aka Fractal Architect to the label as it has been a while since we presented the outstanding work from him. Now he returns with a deep and moody retake, filled with cool grooves and textures to build something of his on on the original idea. This one is a number that will grow and grow the further you get into the production and we are as always thrilled to see Fractal Architect take charge. Super work as always Dan!

Last out is a big finally for us as we delighted to start on a new friendship on the label, as we have the debut with us coming from a producer we always held high. We do talk about the great Jose Tabarez. Being a frontrunner on the scene for a long time and being very productive both with remixes and originals, we see this as a first step together. He is keeping the lead melody, but changing on the textures as he puts his groove and energy to the original from Partenaire. We are fully in love with the outcome, as it has all the right things to become another winner from the Jose Tabarez alias and we are thrilled to put it in your hands."

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