On Promo: Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers - Future Funk

Out now on Protocol Records, Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers - Future Funk.

"Nicky Romero ensures a sensational start to the year as he unveils his captivating collaboration with dance music royalty Nile Rodgers on the phenomenal ‘Future Funk’ – Feb 26 via his very own Protocol Recordings imprint.

A record that first took shape whilst the pair were hanging out in a studio in LA together, as Nile was busy exercising his recently repaired guitar, his experimental riff caught Nicky’s ear who, instantly recognizing its potential, immediately recorded it into his laptop for future use. Adding the instantly infectious guitar licks to a beat and layering them with an irresistibly catchy melody and striking vocals, ‘Future Funk’ is an effortless fusion of Nile’s inimitable disco rhythms and Nicky’s electrifying electronic sound. It’s a testament to both Nile’s extraordinary talent and Nicky’s exceptional instinct that something which started life as a rudimentary riff has been lifted and honed into a piece of pure pop perfection.

Future Funk is part 2 in the Nicky Romero Trilogy."

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