On Promo: Maiga - Orion (Original Mix)

Out now on Progressive House Worldwide, Maiga - Orion (Original Mix).

"It is with great joy that we see this release taking its steps on PHW as we this time bring on the talented producer from Germany, Maiga, to our leading label. With a string of crisp and melodic release through well respected labels such as sunsetmelodies and Perplexity among others, we now see him join us with the beautiful “Orion”.

“Orion” is a pure melodic bliss taking on us a melody driven journey from start to finish, added on tasty vocal additions as well is giving this warm production some even more spice. It’s as said before a true joy seeing him join us for this release.

To add more to it, we see a welcome return from a long time friend of ours, as we after a long spell away from us see the always creative Alex H return to PHW once again with another massive production. For those of you that been following the scene over the past years know all about the ability that this guy has, and here is another one from him, built on warm and melodic arrangements as well as his fine ear from building harmonies. It is a true pleasure seeing Alex back on the label, and the outcome on his return production is pure mint as always if you are up for the sun drenched vibes he is creating.

We also have the pleasure to welcome back Norways very own man of melodies, Ethillas, as he returns with another sensational act of melodic vibes and energy. With a remake, built on an amazing atmosphere, striking riffs as well as always building through deep and emotive textures, we are certain you will see this as another winner from the mighty talent.

Off we go, we certainly hope this is another release for you collections, that you will support the guys with, spending a few coins buying a legal copy of.

Thanks for joining or returning guys, super work as always!"

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