On Promo: Lumidelic & Emiliano Secchi - Immerse (Original Mix)

Out now on PHW Elements, Lumidelic & Emiliano Secchi - Immerse (Original Mix).

"A new week means a new selection of melody driven progressive music and boy we are happy to bring this superb collaboration from 2 future stars on the scene as we see the return of Lumidelic, this time working together with Emiliano Secchi as they deliver “Immerse” for you this week. With a great touch, both of them, how to build dreamy melodic progressive music, they once more prove their skills with this beauty. For those of you, familiar with the guys, know that they are all about chord progressions and smooth melody driven textures and here they bring on the full plethora as always.

To spice the release even further, we brought opn 2 familiar names to the label as we start of in canada, with long time PHW veteran Andrew Lang joining back on the label. Being a force almost from the start on our label, we are of course always thrilled to see him back. As always he delivers in full flare with brilliant touch. With an energy boost here built, we see him keeping a lot of the melodies, he share his true emotion of building pounding trance elements to his progressive productions. We couldn’t have asked for more (how many times is that said about this man), as he bring his A-game back again.

We are also delighted to see another return on the label from Argentinas Juan Portel, more known to us all through Musty moniker. Fluid melodic arrangements with his well selected own ideas is to bring on his full artillery of sparkling melodies and harmonies. It’s a full on beach walk produced by him, as we are taken to sun drenched beaches and sunny skies.

Super stuff guys, and we are delighted to bring this one on to the progressive community!"

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