On Promo: Lucas Tesselhoff & Kranky Bubble - Subaquatic Transmission (Original Mix)

Out now on Dimentique, Lucas Tesselhoff & Kranky Bubble - Subaquatic Transmission (Original Mix).

"The last release before we head out of this year comes from Lucas Tesselhoff & Kranky Bubble with the track 'Subaquatic Transmission' which was featured on this year's Summer Essentials compilation as an exclusive track and this release comes with the original track and 2 remixes by Marco Donati and Fix. Lucas Tesselhoff & Kranky Bubble makes a debut to the label with their collab track which is a soft and jolly uplifting little number and gives a great feel good bubbly atmosphere. Marco Donati gives the track a bit more clubber kick with the classic organ sound and a unique arrangement of the drum sounds but keeping the same atmosphere that the original had. Fix gives the track a different arrangement, new sounds and more of a softer but classic 90s style, the remix also has a classic bassline and new synths added with atmospheric sounds layered on top and also keeping the essence from the original track."

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