On Promo: Fr3n3my - 6AM

Out now on Nuevadeep, Fr3n3my - 6AM.

"As the summer season transitions into fall, Nuevadeep wants to shift gears for our next release with the wonderfully deep "6 AM" EP from Dutch artist Fr3n3my. The title track takes its time with a drawn-out intro, filtered pad swells echoing out alongside fantastic vox samples. A tight rolling bass delivers a solid chord progression once the groove kicks in, with minor stabs influencing the evolving mood. A variety of percussion is used with sparing grace to fill out the soundscape, along with nature samples and a playful arp somewhere in the background. Turn this one up a bit for maximum enjoyment! On the flipside we've got Between Dreams: a punchy kick rolls forward with a warm bassline, accompanied by slick spacious claps and other assorted drumwork. A squelchy lead peeks out of deep melodic fields, playfully answering the call of delayed stabs. This is a cohesive EP by a rising talent, and we look forward to seeing more from him!"

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