Faustix - Thorns / Warner Music Denmark

Following on from a strong close to 2018, with the hit single ’Crying In The Sun’ - which has already achieved more than seven million streams, Faustix returns with his new record - ‘Thorns’.

’Thorns’ is a track with a universal & relatable message, which in its simplest form is about getting hurt - but moving on stronger. The song is written by the Swedish pop-duo Smith & Thell, who have achieved several hundred millions streams on their songwriting & productions, in Scandinavia alone. One of the first things Faustix noticed with ‘Thorns’, was its authenticity & the feeling it gave him.

Staying true to that core & ensuring the magic wasn’t lost, Faustix recently commented on the single; “I feel that the entire track is like we are an orchestra of 20-30 people, each playing an instrument having the greatest time and I love that feeling”.

Stay tuned, as ‘Thorns’ lights up globally in the weeks ahead.

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