On Promo: Dusky - Bitter Lake

Out now on 17 Steps, Dusky - Bitter Lake.

"Having recently played an eight hour set to a sold-out crowd at London’s Oval Space, the prolific Dusky drop a trio of moody club tool tracks on 17 Steps as they continue their European Autumn/Winter tour.

A club tool in the most effective sense, lead track ’Lydia’ is dark, nagging acid groover that builds and builds throughout its 6 hypnotic minutes. With all the melodic material based around the Lydian scale, ‘Lydia’ was originally inspired by a bizarre, trippy dream Alfie had in which everything was all based on the Lydian scale.

A homage to classic techno, ‘Bitter Lake’ is a hard-hitting surge of looping, percussive energy and Detroit-nodding rave stabs that build to a hoover-fuelled breakdown release.

Rounding off the trio, the brilliantly titled and uniquely composed ‘Infinite Libido’ again explores Dusky’s more percussive tendencies and has been a regular feature in their DJ sets for the past year."

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