On Promo: Dole & Kom - Twenty Five

Twenty Five years is the amount of time that's passed, since the first Dole & Kom EP went on rotation in the club world. Ever since, the duo has managed to keep a straight line – yet take unexpected turns again & again. Elements of Techno & House have always been a part of this trip, like sheet lightning on the horizon – but at the end of the day, none of these genres is an appropriate description for the sound of Dole & Kom.

Melodic enigma and subtle drama, heavyweight bass frequencies, ecstatic intricacy and whipping hi hat showers - these are some of the most prominent features of Dole & Kom's debut album. It consists of exclusively new tracks & all of them reflect a deep and unbroken passion for the dancefloor, multiplied by a remarkable amount of experience. Three of the tracks have been created in collaboration with befriended vocal artists & apart from these, you'll hear Dole & Kom as pure as it gets.

In other words: Dance music that stimulates the listener on both an emotional and an intellectual level, dance music that provides both depth & elevation.

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