On Promo: Deviant'z - Not Now (HUT. Remix)

Out now on Karunga Muusika, Deviant'z - Not Now (HUT. Remix).

"Deviant'z & HUT. Go head to head in our new label series.

Karunga Muusika proudly introduces KMVS001 (Karunga Muusika Vs). The labels first concept series. Two artists provide a single track and then remix the other artist's track. Both providing their unique perspective on sound to each others music. Enabling the label to feature a more diverse selection of genres. One artist typically embodying the label's sound whilst the other leaves the other expands the label's musical scope.

Deviant'z - Not Now is a dark, twisted and pulsating track which blurs the lines between Tech House and Techno.

HUT.'s remix takes the twisted bass notes and fits them between an atmospheric and lighter toned track.
HUT. - Fritzbee is a playfully melodic track with a fun bass line sure to put a smile on faces.

Deviant'z remix takes the track down a more serious straight edged route. With light and playful synth tones battling a more forward pulsating synth. Embodying the Vs nature of this new series in Karunga Muusika's ever growing catalogue."

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