On Promo: Chris Domingo & Miss T - Better (Original Mix)

Out now on Nuevadeep, Chris Domingo & Miss T - Better(Original Mix).

"Dynamic duo Chris Domingo & Miss T are it again via Nuevadeep, with yet another stacked EP - “Better”. The title track is fully present in their well-carved style: a deep, thrumming affair soaked in stripped down house flavour. Miss T's vocals punch through a relentless groove with decisive clarity, presenting an opportune dancefloor blender.

The first remix is a hypnotic wonder by Chris' fellow Orlando-dweller Atnarko, a veteran in the house trenches. The drawn-out intro teases us with some of the tight loop work to come in the body of the track, which features a surprisingly bouncey bassline. A poignant arpeggiated lead shifts the mood into something a bit more serious, for a melange that's a rare treat to hear.

Next, Calgary talent Matt Caine puts his techy touch on the matter at hand. With an ear for deep house that's incredibly consistent, he treats us a dreamy ride courtesy of a pulsing pad and a brand new bassline with a delightfully twisty filter. Heavily delayed synths ride things out for a great poolside listening experience.

Being the artists' artists that they are, included on the EP to round things out are Dub and Acoustic mixes. The former pulls back on the vocals and lightens the mood a bit, providing a great transition piece. The Acoustic is a fun, chopped up cut that serves as an excellent DJ tool/layering opportunity, something that can really mix up the flow of a set!"

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