On Promo: Carl Lee - Don't Look Back (Cut Version)

Out now, Carl Lee - Don't Look Back (Cut Version).

"Carl Lee - Don't Look Back (Cut Version) - Carl Lee. For years, Carl Lee has been exploding onto the EDM scene with hit singles like "Summer Days" “ALLELUJA” and “Magical,” taking with him a unique and inspiring sound, cultivated from his teenage years. In high school, Lee started getting into creating music.

Through Lee’s important recording studio, he would spend countless hours finding new sounds and collaborating. “Take Me Out,” one of Lee’s hits, has been noted as a building block to today’s EDM scene. In estores, “Power Music” climbed the Electro House charts, further bringing Lee’s brand into the spotlight. Through perseverance and dedication, Lee has climbed the EDM scene to new heights.

Between Electro House and Progressive House, Lee’s EDM movement has been one of note. He began producing his own music, only to find Dance-House Music and further his brand. No matter what size the crowd is, Lee gives his all with every single performance, bringing his signature brand of EDM.

“It doesn’t matter if I were just playing for a single person,” Lee states enthusiastically, “they’re expecting a show, and I just want to perform. If I can excite and bring the right vibes, I’ve done my job, and my music is doing its job.”

Lee expects to dominate the EDM music scene, hosting upcoming shows in his hometown area shortly. Through his many forms of inspiration and his experience with crafting and producing exciting, killer EDM music, Lee plans to take his brand international, and become a household name in EDM music. You won’t be able to go to a single club without secretly desiring Carl Lee to pull a surprise appearance and bring down the house."

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