On Promo: Berni Turletti - Phauana

Out now on Progressive House Worldwide, Berni Turletti - Phauana.

"One of the most promising artists out there, and a fast, in fame, rising producer from Argentina is next up on the label as we are delighted to see the young and talented Berni Turletti join us again on PHW Elements with his tremendous production “Phauana”.

This magic melody and groove driven has that outstanding atmosphere and intensity that we so often seek for to our label. Being a stellar figure on the scene, where Julian Rodriguez and his Massive Harmony Records been a label to push Berni Turletti forward, we now see him join on many of the leading labels in the genre. We are as said, delighted to see him back on our PHW Elements label, press play and you immediately will understand.

To complete the package, we invited some really cool names that right from the start took the challenge on other than the Canadian producer and mastering engineer, Travis MacDonald who once again return to us with another magic piece of deep and driving vibes. With a fantastic groove and atmosphere, keeping the melodic energy and everything in between, Travis once again proves what a phenomenal producer he is. We are truly happy to see him join back together with us with this beauty.

Next up is a debut on the label, but definitely not one that is making a debut on the scene, as we have the pleasure to bring on the quality of Hungarian based producer, Paul Kardos. With his music placed on imprints such as Perspectives Digital, Stellar Fountain and Mistique Music to mention some from the long list, he’s proved for a long time that he is one to count on and with rework, he definitely delivers in style. With his sense to build up a dramatic vibe and texture, he once again delivers a production that is wobbling from start to finish to give us a great progressive ride. We are thrilled to see him join us, and we can already tell that he will be back soon again with us.

Last out, and closing this release on PHW Elements is the Dutch maestro, Rogier who again takes steps with us on the label. This time, he delivers a smooth melodic progressive journey, taking us places with his warm atmosphere and smooth textures. It is always a privilege bringing him back, as he’s spoilt us over the ears with classy progressive music.

We do feel there is a lot to take in with this release, as this is progressive music, taking you to different corners of the genre. The only thing you need to do, is to pick and choose what you are in need of, we definitely think we got it for you this week as well."

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