On Promo: Arno Cost ft. River - Coming Alive (Exit Friendzone Remix)

Out now on Protocol Records, Arno Cost ft. River - Coming Alive (Exit Friendzone Remix).

"Earlier this year, the Parisian wunderkind Arno Cost unveiled a new sound with his first 2-track EP, titled "Coming Alive". Protocol Recordings now has announced the "Coming Alive" official remix package. If you liked the original, there's something for everyone in the three renditions from some of the hottest new talent in the scene - Protocol debutants Simon De Jano & Madwill, Jimny and affiliate Exit Friendzone!

This package contains a funky and futuristic version by Exit Friendzone, featuring lively piano riffs and a summery vibe; Exit Friendzone might sound familiar from "Protocol Presents Miami 2016" earlier this year, on which his track "Crossfire" was featured. Check out all three fabulous versions of "Coming Alive" and stay tuned for more from these talented up-and-comers!"

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