New UI Features.

We welcome in 2021 & look forward to doing this year bigger, bolder & louder and as we continue pushing the platform forward, we've deployed the following new features;

1. Hot Keys / Intuitive Shortcuts. Whilst logged into your account, these include;
Space Bar - Toggle Play / Pause.
N, Enter or Tab - Next Track.
P - Previous Track.
Right Arrow - Seek Forward 10 Seconds.
Left Arrow - Seek Backward 10 Seconds.
M - Toggle Mute.

2. Mark as Listened / Hide. Once reviewed, promos are automatically marked as 'listened' & in addition - the option to 'hide' a promo from your account /interface.

3. Promo artwork / packshot. Relevant release artwork is now included, with each promo download.

Stay tuned & we wish you all a big year ahead.

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