On Promo: Nafta & Ennea - Kookaburra (PhuturePhil Remix)

Out now on Nuevadeep, Nafta & Ennea - Kookaburra.

"Dutch duo Nafta & Ennea surfaced on Nuevadeep for the first time in December, delivering a remix of Tom Strobe's “Moments” that left us wanting more. Their new single “Kookaburra” is a piece with measured depth, and we've paired it with some sharp remixes by Christ Domingo & Miss T, as well as PhuturePhil.

The original bears all the hallmarks of a great opening track: a filtered intro, a stripped-down aesthetic and just the right number of mood-setting layers. A punchy kick and subby bassline ensure the drive of the track remains focused and present. The timeless piano line is captivating in its own right! The production work is incredibly detailed, making this a true gift to the ears.

Next, Chris Domingo and Miss T flex their groove muscles with a deep-tech take that's soaked in character. An emotive arpeggiation immediately sets the tone, with sub toms lending some chug to the structure. The vocal sample factory is in full effect here, and is always worth noting when Chris and Elise work together – they are simply unparalleled in that department. The original piano line ties the works together beautifully.

PhuturePhil then turns his attentions to the matter at hand, and his signature style is certainly present. The most uptempo of the three versions, his pulsing bassline shifts everything upwards right away. The melodies are chopped up and revolved, a loopy swirl that's easy to get lost in. It is in equal parts bouncey and spacey – just the right blend for the sonic astronauts out there."

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