Promo Push | On Promo: JES, Austin Leeds & Redhead Roman - Happy

Out November 6th on Intonenation Records, JES, Austin Leeds & Redhead Roman - "Happy".

In the words of Intonenation themselves:


We all know that happy people lead better lives, are more productive and eat more Kale. However, happiness can all too often seem to elude us. JES returns with the stunningly original “Happy,” the sophomore release from her own label Intonenation Records.

Joining forces with Floridan / Czech beat architects Austin Leeds and Redhead Roman, JES serves up "Happy" with a track that puts the most mysterious of all emotions under the spotlight. Growing from an emotive breakdown into a resonating chorus of ecstatic vocals and exploding drums, “Happy” takes the established formula of progressive and spins it like a bottle. Driven by a captivating vocal performance, JES' passion is matched at every pace by an equally infectious drop. "Happy" is a joyful cocktail of uplifting melodies with a dark undercurrent of gritty bass and beats that will have you dancing like no one is watching.

If you are still searching for happiness then join JES, Austin and Roman on the road to enlightenment. Who knew getting "Happy" could be so much fun?"

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