Fresh Mode - Action ft. FUEG / Columbia Records

Rolling on Columbia Records, the Fresh Mode story continues - as previous cut 'The Vibe' ft. FUEG continues to ignite global club floors, playlists & radio airwaves & this time - 'Action' takes centre stage.

An energetic record that Fresh Mode created more as a fun track, until he realised the people around him were really connecting to it. That was a standout moment, because as an artist - he always aims to deliver a proper experience with his tracks. 'Action' is the consistent progression from 'The Vibe' in terms of mood, sound & dynamics. Fresh Mode says he can identify more than ever with 'Action' - being all about movement, energy and the feeling he wants to spread.

The single also marks Fresh Mode's second collaboration with FUEG, the rapper from Newburgh, New York. His first EP 'Black King' already turned heads in 2013, with its controversial topics and standout instrumentation. After 'This Is How We Do It' and 'The Vibe', 'Action' is the next firm step on Fresh Mode's mission to leave his signature musical mark on the planet's dance floors, track by track.

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