Dave Smith Instruments create desktop version of Prophet-6

Supreme synth makers, Dave Smith Instruments, have announced a new version of the Prophet-6.

Only losing the original version's keyboard, the desktop model stays true to its predecessor; the synth still features six voices built from analog voltage-controlled oscillators, filters and amplifiers, as well as high resolution digital effects and menu-diving-free, one-knob-per-function control. The only difference now, as DSI put it, is that the synth is "small enough to fit in a backpack."

The big new feature here is poly chain, meaning any Prophet-6 can be chained to any other to achieve 12-voice polyphony. There's no word on the release date yet, but select online retailers are already taking preorders.

The Prophet-6 Desktop is coming soon from Dave Smith Instruments for a suggested retail price of $2,199.

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