Bicep recapture a nostalgic vision on rave culture in new EP 'Glue'

Electronic duo Bicep have announced fresh new EP Glue on Ninja Tune, a three track compilation incorporated with an empirical music video sharing a personal mesmerisation on rave culture.

After the successful release of self titled debut album in September 2017, the Belfast producers are continuing to strive in their musical achievements, taking to Facebook to reveal 'Glue':

"Joe Wilson has created a video for "Glue" inspired by the song's homage to the rave era. It's a series of landscapes which revisit the sites once brought alive by now infamous raves but today sit desolate and empty, retreating back to their former state with little to show of their impact they had on UK Music Culture."

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'Glue' features two unreleased tracks 'Metro' and 'DLR' and can be bought on vinyl via Ninja Tune.

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