Arno Cost & Norman Doray - Darlin' / Positiva Records

French artists Arno Cost & Norman Doray have linked up on new single ‘Darlin’ - signed to Positiva Records.

Another vibrant, feel good House track, ‘Darlin’ is a disco-enthused banger that sees Arno Cost and Norman Doray deliver that sumptuous ‘French Touch’. It follows 2019’s ‘Together’, a similarly anthemic single that has since accumulated 5 million streams. Building on the track’s success, the duo went on to release further music on well known electronic music labels, including their latest single on Club Sweat in 2019 - establishing themselves as artists to be reckoned with in the process.

Arno and Norman have been making music together for more than 10 years, and share a common taste for disco from the 70s and 80s, and electronic music from the early 2000s. Daft Punk, Cassius and Air amongst others rocked their adolescence, sharpening their taste for this music made of guitars, basses, groove and above all emotion.

Darlin’ is the song that Arno and Norman have always wanted to make. A mixture of their influences, a tribute to the French touch that they love so much, and of an energy and freshness that only friendship and many hours in studio together could allow.

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